The trend is towards the possibility of following relevant and rigorous courses and training without having to go about one's professional activities. It is in this logic of combining learning and lucrative activities that MOOCs were born. What is it all about? What are the main advantages of these types of training?


MOOCs refer to distance learning open to all. This is distance learning since the participants in the training are in different geographical areas. These learners receive courses and training on the Internet and via many open educational resources including digital books, educational software, video tutorials... MOOC training is provided by teachers, teacher-researchers, qualified trainers, certified technicians, approved and accredited training centres. These new actors of education recognize the power and the unavoidable character of digital technology. They are thus making sure that it is used wisely in order to better serve all those aspiring to rigorous and relevant training.


Being open to all, MOOCs benefit individuals and professionals wishing to learn and train in one or more fields of knowledge and activities. The fields in question are, for example, economics, computer science, finance, business management, languages, human and social sciences, medicine... The courses are divided into lessons on digital media, videos and tutorials, Lectures by videoconference... MOOC training courses also allow all learner-participants to discuss and exchange during pedagogical and interactive meetings such as webinars, discussions and debates on forums... A prior registration on MOOC platform is required to take full advantage of these courses and trainings.


MOOCs are first of all an efficient way to follow quality training courses without having to go about your professional activities. It is entirely possible to benefit from free courses on this kind of platform. Paid courses include initial training and continuing education courses leading to diplomas or certificates. The quality of MOOC courses is also a significant benefit for the learners. This quality is guaranteed by the new actors in education who make efficient use of digital resources, namely academics, technicians and company managers... Moreover, trainees have access to the MOOC platform of their choice and are entitled to training at any time. There are no imposed schedules, even for paid training courses.